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Los Angeles

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We would like to thank you to all of you who helped us to make the school openning ceremony beautyful and successful.
Thank you for your hard work and creativity. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. Thank you for your family and wifes who kindly cared us and their caring love to their hard working husbands, who made the testful dinner, supper and breakfast at 5 am. Thank you for everybody's fantastic joke which gave each other strenght and energy to work through the night 'til morning.
Special thanks to:
Dashdorjiin Uuganbayar elecrtician, who lightened up our school
Byambadorj electrician, also who lightened up our school
Dorjsyrengiin Sambuu, who did most hard work including his jokes
His wife Chimeg, who made dinner that made us forget our tiredness
Duurengiin Ganbold, who's creativity made the greating on the wall
His wife Ganbat, who did cleanning and made testy supper
Tserennoroviin Tsogtgerel, who was commander and made everybody to work hard
His wife Pyyjee who made breakfast on right time
Mijiddorjiin Munkzul, who did everything he can do
Munkhzuliin Batmandakh, who learned how to do everything
Ochirvaani Achmaa, who did everything she can do
Mijiddorjiin Myadagmaa, who did everything she can do
 Amaraa, who did everything he can do
Shirevdorjiin Serchmaa, who helped Ganbold
Dorjiin Ouyn, who worked on the window treatment
School of
Los Angeles

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